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Proper action is a must if you have been …




county jail inmate


exercise your right to remain silent

and make no statement whatsoever.

Demand to have your trusted criminal defense lawyer present.

Your Legal Rights are worth fighting for.


When you are in need of help with your case, you don’t want to choose an attorney that will treat you like a number or simply pass you on to a staff member. Mark Waecker will invest his time to personally get to know you and your situation.


Mark Waecker’s clients receive a customized defense that is precisely tailored to fit their individual situation.

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Are you or someone you love in trouble, under investigation or facing criminal charges?

Our vast knowledge and expertise will be of extreme comfort as we discuss your rights
and empower you with our successful and resourceful team advantage.



Our offices deliver dedicated professional services to clients under investigation, or those arrested and charged with a crime. We respectfully handle each case so the matter may be resolved effectively and quickly. Thorough meticulous case preparation, cutting edge technological and scientific techniques, and an expert team of private forensic investigators to support our clients’ cases.

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Our offices consistently present the best criminal defense available to clients under investigation or prosecution for state and federal offences. Whether by jury trial, negotiating a settlement, or avoiding criminal charges altogether, we are tactful in implementing unique strategies to protect our clients’ rights, freedom and future.


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The American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys is a membership organization. More information on their membership requirements can be found on their website, www.aapda.org.
The American Institute of Legal Council is an impartial third-party attorney rating organization recognizing excellence of fellow practitioners in the field. They compile an exclusive list of the “10 Best” Attorneys for each State. The “10 Best” is a prestigious honor for the Attorney as each Attorney must meet specific criteria. More information on their selection process can be found on their website, www.aiofla.org/.

Our office is based adjacent to Koreatown and we serve the following counties: Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, Riverside, San Bernadino, Inland Empire, Ventura, and Santa Barbara.

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