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While the criminal process is itself extremely diverse, complicated and “unfriendly” to the client, Mark Waecker has been working inside the criminal process for over 35 continuously reputable years. The criminal process contains many “built-in” rights (that clients are sometimes unaware of) all skillfully integrated by Mark in his custom-designed defenses. Custom defense many times begin with an investigation leading to arrest and then prosecution by experienced lawyers working for the government.

Law enforcement officers are highly trained at interrogation techniques and frequently clients don’t even realize they are being questioned when confronted by a police officer. Mark Waecker’s thorough and complete understanding of the criminal process is essential to a key customized defense to achieve a successful outcome.

Mark Waecker’s clients receive a custom defense that is precisely tailored to fit their Persona, Predicament, Pressure, Problem and Purpose.

  • PERSONA will determine each client’s most comfortable and productive manner and approach to design the defense.
  • PREDICAMENT defines and determines the type, sequence and extent of defense resources required. PRESSURE dictates activity immediacy and time frame necessity.
  • PROBLEM establishes expertise, experience, timing and required responses for success.
  • PURPOSE defines the goals and objectives for successful achievement.

(213 ) 955-4500 or (866) 655-8282 – FREE CONSULTATION

Korean Speaking Staff Available

Federal and State Crimes

Experienced and Trusted Criminal Defense Attorney

Federal – State

▪ Assault ▪ Battery
▪ Credit Card Fraud
▪ Domestic Violence
▪ Drug Offenses
▪ DUI Defense
▪ Embezzlement
▪ Expungements
▪ Forgery
▪ Homicide
▪ Manslaughter
▪ Identity Theft/CyberCrimes
▪ Juvenile Offenses
▪ Kidnapping
▪ Probation & Parole
▪ Robbery ▪ Burgulary
▪ Sex Crimes
▪ White Collar Crimes