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The criminal process usually begins with an investigation leading to an arrest and then prosecution by experienced lawyers working for the government. A thorough and complete understanding of the criminal process is essential to a successful outcome. It is the sole responsibility of Mark Waecker to intercede on a client’s behalf, communicate with law enforcement and, quite frequently, actually avoid an arrest and resulting prosecution. Mark will be your liaison with any law enforcement or agency investigation.

Proper action is a MUST if you’re arrested

county jail inmateIMMEDIATELY upon arrest… your first action when confronted is to exercise your right to remain silent and make no statement whatsoever. Demand to have your lawyer present. Please keep in mind that law enforcement officers are highly trained at interrogation techniques and frequently clients don’t even realize they are being questioned when confronted by a police officer. Conversations are recorded when clients are unaware that they are the target of a criminal investigation. It is not possible to communicate with a law enforcement officer to avoid arrest or prosecution. Press link to review required police arrest codes for an arrest

If you or someone you love is arrested or jailed

Many of Mark Waecker’s clients have sought his legal guidance immediately following an arrest, while still incarcerated. Those clients use the clock to their advantage, as time is still on their side. Acting quickly and efficiently, Mark Waecker will use assertive strategies to have cases dismissed or substantially reduce potential consequences.

What to do if you are contacted by the Police

First and foremost, absolutely exercise your right to remain silent at all times, under all circumstances. Many cases are prosecuted when clients, contacted by a law enforcement agent, mistakenly believe that they can talk their way out of the situation. Often, these are undercover agents acting like ordinary people.

Challenging the skill and training of a law enforcement officer by attempting to discuss your case with them is never a good idea. Instead, immediately assert your right to remain silent and call your attorney directly, or have someone else make the call for you.

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